Friday, 29 April 2016

Anti-Semitism? Don't Fall For Tory Smears

It's incredulous that, in a week where we have discussed how manipulative the media is regarding the desires of the establishment and the government of the day, the nation seems to have fallen for it again.

Ken Livingstone was, is and always will be a prat. Don't get me wrong, he has many great qualities, but he remains a frustrating politician; an arrogant, obnoxious soul and someone who always runs off at the mouth and remains unrepentant. But there's no denying that, beneath his inane and offensive comments and attitude, he actually had a point when he said that being critical of the policies of another nation is not anti-semitic. Saying something is wrong does not make you prejudiced.

Unfortunately, because the local elections loom on the horizon, the Tories know they need to get the electorate to conveniently forget things that might see them suffer badly at the polls. Stuff like Cameron's tax issues, the EU question and the internal wranglings within their own party, John Whittingdale getting a free pass from the press he is supposed to regulate for his relationship with a dominatrix sex worker, the junior doctors strike and the NHS being run into the ground, and the people responsible for the Hillsborough cover up (a clue; it was the Tory government of the 1980s and 90s and subsequently the inactivity of the New Labour government of the late 90s onwards) So to do this, they create a mountain out of a molehill with compliant media outlets andalongside the Blairite Red Tories within the Labour party to suggest a crisis within Corbyn's cabinet that frankly doesn't exist. These Blairites really don't care about destroying the reputation of the party they purport to serve because frankly it suits them to see Corbyn sullied. If he performs poorly the local elections it just proves their complaint that left wing politics are no longer valid and will only hasten a return back to the bland and inoffensive centreground of politics. The words of Nye Bevan - "we know what happens to those who stay in the middle of the road. They get run down" - mean nothing to a generation weaned on the empty platitudes and low morals of New Labour and they simply want their ball back and to play by their own shoddy rules once more.

Corbyn has denied there being a crisis because there simply is no crisis. It's a shame he cannot just say that Livingstone is a bit of a prat whose got some considerable past form, that Naz Shah said a deeply irresponsible and hurtful thing online several years ago and has faced the severest punishment in her suspension from the party, and that this is actually yet another example of a media marionette show, from the same biased machine who gave us the lies of Hillsborough. They're just drawing the heat off themselves to save their own skin and preserve their positions of power.

To win an election you have to discredit the opposition and you use every available resource in your powerful armoury to do so. The Tories excel in this and they're doing it now. They're doing it to us again. 

Don't let them. Go to the polls knowing full well these people want you to forget their sleaze, their cons, their mistakes and their lies and focus on the authorised, approved story they're floating now - that Labour is an anti-semitic party. It is not, never has been and never will be. 

And again, criticising Israel does not make you anti-semitic. Please take the time to read what Jewish people actually think about this whole affair.

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