Saturday, 26 March 2016

Theme Time : Graham De Wilde - Whicker's World

I've always loved this one, the bombastic theme Newsweek by Graham De Wilde, was the theme tune for the 1984 to 1992 BBC incarnation of Whicker's World, which saw suave and urbane Jersey based journalist Alan Whicker travel the globe reporting on stories of social and cultural significance. 

It was actually Top of the Pops on BBC4 this week that got me thinking of Whicker; that's because the June 1981 edition broadcast featured the wonderfully quirky Wikka Wrap by The Evasions which featured De Wilde doing a very good deadpan white rap impersonating the man himself. It was a song I'd completely forgotten about and probably hadn't even heard since my childhood when I seem to recall finding it very funny. Indeed, I found it amusing to see/hear it again now

It's weird to think that, just three years later, De Wilde was responsible for Whicker's theme tune. Even weirder if we're to believe TOTP's presenter Simon Bates' claim that De Wilde was unemployed before scoring this top 20 novelty hit.

PS, I'd almost forgot the Whicker's World boardgame - did anyone actually ever own/play this?

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