Saturday, 5 March 2016

Theme Time : Ennio Morricone - The Life & Times of David Lloyd George

I was reminded of this particular theme tune thanks to one of this week's Top of the Pops repeat on BBC4 (from 16th April 1981) which saw Legs and Co make a move away from their usual scantily clad 'one for the dads' choreography, to deliver this rather sweetly earnest performance as an accompaniment to Morricone's track.


Although written in 1971 for the film Maddalena (though some aspects of the melody appeared in Morricone's piece Invito All Amore three years earlier in the Sergio Carbucci spaghetti western The Great Silence) the track Chi Mai (Italian for 'whoever') has been recycled many times over for film and television, and it actually appeared twice in 1981, as the soundtrack to the Jean Paul Belmondo film Le Professionnel and as the theme for The Life and Times of David Lloyd George; an epic 9-part BBC political biography of the British Liberal politician and statesman starring Philip Madoc. It is off the back of that series, that the BBC released the track and Chi Mai entered the UK charts swiftly afterwards, reaching number 2 at its peak. Because of that notable success, it truly deserves its link to the vintage BBC drama.

Chi Mai has also been used in numerous advertisements, in the 2002 film Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra and had previously been heard to British TV viewers in the 1978 series An Englishman's Castle starring Kenneth More, which has recently been released on DVD.

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  1. Love the theme tune but old DLG was an appeaser and quite an admirer of Hitler, so points off there.