Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Theme Time : Dark Dark Dark - Thirteen

Ivy Moxam has just escaped from the cellar where she was held prisoner for the last 13 years. After the police confirm her identity, she is reunited with her family and the hunt for Ivy's kidnapper begins in earnest. However, the two detectives on the case stare to find flaws in Ivy's story

So begins Thirteen, the new drama from the online BBC3 and one of the most satisfying new dramas in recent memory. 


Because writer Marnie Dickens had the sense to tell a story with a beginning, a middle and an end in the five episode series, rather than leave so many loose ends hanging in the hope that the show would get recommissioned for a second series, which of course can never be guaranteed nowadays.

If you've been watching via iPlayer or online new episodes of Thirteen have been available to view every Sunday evening and concluded at the weekend. If you're watching the BBC2 screenings however, the series will conclude next Sunday night at 10pm.

Thirteen starred Doctor Foster's Jodie Comer as Ivy, a brilliant performance, alongside Aneurin Barnard, Richard Rankin, Valene Kane, Natasha Little, Stuart Graham, Katherine Rose Morley (last seen in Channel 4's excellent The Mill which committed the error of concluding series 2 on a cliffhanger, only to be cancelled last year) Nicholas Farrell, Eleanor Wyld and Peter McDonald. The theme tune, the insanely catchy In Your Dreams, is by the American indie folk band Dark Dark Dark and featured on their 2010 album Wild Go.

If you haven't been watching Thirteen catch it now on iPlayer while you can, it's worth watching. And if you have been watching and want to know more about the show, this article from Radio Times is worth a read.

I believe the writer Dickens is set to pen a drama about a girl gang in the 1920s, a sort of female Peaky Blinders, next, along with a Regency set drama starring Rebekah Staton and Suranne Jones as sisters on the make. Meanwhile Jodie Comer will be starring in Rillington Place alongside Tim Roth and Samantha Morton, a series based on the crimes of notorious serial killer John Christie.

Definitely ones to watch!

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