Thursday, 31 March 2016

Theme Time : Alan Tew - The Two Ronnies and The Hanged Man

Given this is the day we've lost Ronnie Corbett I thought I'd share a particularly memorable TV theme that is associated with The Two Ronnies

Composed by Alan Tew, 'The Detectives' is perhaps best known as the theme for one of the popular character serials that featured across the series of The Two Ronnies, namely those featuring the detective duo of Charley Farley and Piggy Malone.

Tew's theme was a multi-purpose one, as it actually appeared as the theme for Yorkshire Television's 1975 thriller series The Hanged Man which starred Colin Blakely as successful construction business mogul Lew Burnett who, having survived attempts on his life, decides to 'play dead' and go undercover to find those responsible. It was so successful that a spin-off series appeared in 1979 entitled Turtle's Progress, and Tew's theme was released on vinyl, played by 'Bullet'

The Charley Farley and Piggy Malone sketches on The Two Ronnies were 1972's Done To Death, starring Sue Lloyd it concerned a mystery about a murdered family, 1975's Death Can Be Fatal which sees the duo searching for the formula of the Clumsy Drug alongside Cyd Hayman, Stop You're Killing Me which ran for the 1977-1978 series and featured the murders of Devon yokels and guest starred Kate O'Mara as a gypsy temptress, and 1981-'82's Band of Slaves which saw an all girl orchestra sold into white slavery by a deranged Chinaman - well, it was the '80s, the Ronnies didn't really do PC, alas!

Tew is a well regarded composer of oft-used library music that went on to be used for several TV shows and films. His theme 'Bond Street Parade' became the theme for Doctor In The House, whilst 'The Big One' was the theme for US TV's The People's Court and was also used in an episode of Van Der Valk. His music also appears in The Sweeney, And Mother Makes Three and the 2009 Blaxploitation spoof Black Dynamite.

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