Friday, 4 March 2016

'Spin, Smears and Threats' Oh really, IDS?

The odious and evil Iain Duncan Smith (the cunt) has claimed today that those promoting to stay in the EU are using 'spin, smears and threats'. In other words, they're not being honest about their reasons to stay in. 

Well let's be honest here, IDS isn't either. The real reason this cunt wants to leave the EU is because there's a move to bring him to book for the cruel and harsh benefit cuts (or welfare reforms as the Tories insist on calling them) at the Court of Human Rights and the ICC at the Hague because they believe that are 'grave and systematic violations of disabled people's human rights'. If we vote to exit, he won't have to answer to those charges and can continue to ride roughshod over the most disadvantaged in our society with further extreme cuts, whilst he and his rich friends get fatter. 

And let's look at Boris whilst we're at it - as the Stewart Lee interview I shared yesterday pointed out, the traffic pollution in London is two to three times over the legal EU limit and, to avoid paying fines, Boris sends out people to spray anti-freeze around the readers so that the particles stick to the ground and they can't get a correct reading. He has also allowed two readers to remain broken in Central London with no sign of them being repaired. It is the EU that actually defends our environment - not the government of the day.


  1. To be strictly fair to IDS his opposition to the EU goes back decades , well before he had a ministerial job.

    1. Fair? We'll have no fairness here - not to that cunt! Where's the fairness in his policies?

      He may be a dyed in the wool eurosceptic but there's no denying this referendum is a timely one for him

  2. I can't bear him, or his colleagues like the equally odious Chris Grayling, Osborne, and of course the PM, and don't mention Boris to me !

  3. So angry to see the government have allowed IDS's plans to cut ESA, forcing people who face barriers to work because of disability and ill health further into poverty. I'm especially annoyed because the govt bent the rules to force the Lords (who vetoed IDS's plans twice) to back down and ignored a 100,000 strong petition. The Tories have blood on their hands - is it any wonder IDS wants out of Europe to avoid The Court of Human Rights looking into his policies?

    Meanwhile IDS's claim that 75% of benefit claimants believe his sanctions have given them 'focus' to 'get on' (rather than see suicides, homelessness and poverty increase) has been referred by Labour to the UK Statistics Authority for investigation. It's not the first time IDS has plucked a stat out of his ass.