Thursday, 17 March 2016

RIP Paul Daniels & Cliff Michelmore

Two losses announced today; Paul Daniels and Cliff Michelmore. May they both rest in peace.

Following his diagnosis of an inoperable, terminal brain tumour the magician and game show host Paul Daniels passed away at home aged 77.

Daniels was a mainstay on British television from the 1970s with his Magic Show along side his assistant and wife, 'the lovely' Debbie McGee. But personally I had more affection for his part narrating the children's TV series Wizbit, and the game shows Wipeout and Every Second Counts, which I remember fondly from my childhood.


Cliff Michelmore, a true legend of broadcasting, has also passed away aged 96. Michelmore's career spanned 60 years and he was unflappable professionalism itself; a reassuring and reliable presence fronting everything from the Apollo moon landings and two general elections to the BBC's Tonight and the long running Holiday programme.

Here's an episode of a 1980s daytime shat show hosted by Nick Ross called Star Memories which features Michelmore discussing programmes he loved or had been involved with. Ironically, as you will see after the credits, the following day's guest was none other than Paul Daniels.



  1. RIP indeed to 2 more titans of British entertainment. We grew up watching Michelmore ....

  2. I love the fact that Sky News harridan Kay Burley tweeted an RIP to Malcolm Muggeridge today, confusing that long dead figure with Cliff Michelmore! Proof, if ever it were needed, that 'celebs' post their tributes on twitter simply as a means to keep up with the joneses...