Saturday, 26 March 2016

RIP Adrienne Corri

I've just learnt of the death of Adrienne Corri earlier this month. She was 84

In a career spanning over forty years on stage and screen, Glasgow born Corri worked with great auteurs like David Lean (Doctor Zhivago) Otto Preminger (Bunny Lake Is Missing and Rosebud) Jean Renoir (The River) and, perhaps most famously, Stanley Kubrick in A Clockwork Orange, where she played Mrs Alexander, the victim of a home invasion and rape at the hands of Malcolm McDowell's droogs.

Corri accepted the role after two other actresses withdrew from filming, protesting at Kubrick's insensitivity, demanding several takes of what was obviously a very difficult, emotionally draining scene. Corri appeared to have no such qualms (as the above between takes photo seems to indicate) joking with McDowell ("you're about to find out that I'm a real redhead") and developing a friendship with the director which saw her purchasing him a Christmas gift of red socks - a reference to the red socks she wore during her otherwise completely nude scene in the film.

Other films roles included Quo Vadis, Vampire Circus, Moon Zero Two, A Study In Terror and Revenge of the Pink Panther. TV roles included A Family At War and Mena in the excellent 1980 Doctor Who story The Leisure Hive, the first of Tom Baker's final season. On stage she appeared in works by Samuel Beckett, Joe Orton and John Osborne (famously telling the booing audience at the first night of his play The World of Paul Slickley to ''go fuck yourselves'')

She wrote the book The Search for Gainsborough, which related her attempts to establish the provenance of a painting of Garrick she believed to be by the young Thomas Gainsborough. She was briefly and tempestuously married to actor Daniel Massey in the '60s, with Massey referring to their relationship in the following terms "We were agonisingly incompatible, but we had an extraordinary physical attraction" 


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  1. Thanks for this, she was a trouper, and should have had been much better known. RIP.