Sunday, 20 March 2016

Paloma Faith : Taylor Made Fashion

Despite my love of Paloma Faith, I haven't really watched much of The Voice this series. I saw a few of the blind auditions and wasn't surprised to see that the axeing of Tom Jones in favour of drama queen Boy George had led to an emphasis on bickering between the coaches and some prima donna histrionics. Not for me - I watched The Voice because so much of it had initially been about the singers. If I wanted to watch a show squarely about the coaches I'd watch The X Factor where the judges, fronted by the loathsome Simon Cowell, are all that matters.  I can see why The Voice has taken this approach - after five series at the BBC with no breakout star taking the charts by storm, it makes sense to focus primarily on the established talent sat in the big red chairs - but in doing so it's just the same old thing.

However, I did catch a bit of tonight's knockout rounds and was immediately struck by Paloma's Gucci designer outfit, hair and make-up...

It immediately put me in mind of Elizabeth Taylor's look here...

Surely that wasn't coincidental?


  1. You have a point. Sorry but I find Paloma beyond annoying, but The Boy is really good and connects well to the singers. Will is a blank space (and seems bored a lot of the time, when it is not about him) - it would have been better if they let him go and had kept Sir Tom and the Boy. These shows though are so cruel as so many are discarded and have their hopes dashed. Back to the day job then .... agree re loathsome Cowell, stopped watching his shows ages ago.

    1. Oh I found it to be the other way around during the Blinds I saw; Boy George seemed to have no idea what he was listening to (I lost count of the amount of times he said 'is it a man or a woman?') and seemed very out of touch when it came to the modern songs the acts chose to showcase. I've long ago lost any sympathy or liking I had for him and the recent doc on Culture Club's attempts to reform only further proved that, in my eyes, he's a stroppy manipulative drama queen who is loathsome to his bandmates but has at least learnt to be nice to his fans to keep his followers on side and excuse his behaviour. Paloma's Marmite, granted, but I much preferred her approach of praise where it's due, and offering no false hope.

      Agree that Will seems bored though and Ricky is that curious mix of both not being a great fit, and the only one who truly understands the nature of the beast and what's required of him.

      It'll be interesting to see what happens next year when the show moves to ITV; I imagine it'll be more of the same - focus on the coaches, not on the talent - but it'll be very amusing if the new bosses rehire Sir Tom!

      Oh and speaking of fashions - if Paloma's channelling Liz, is Boy George channelling Ken Dodd's Dickie Mint?? ;P

  2. Actually you are quite right about George ..... I was upclose watching him dee-jay a decade or more ago now at a club in Vauxhall before his current reinvention and all those drama highs and lows - and whats with the silly hats!