Saturday, 26 March 2016

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

In a week which saw the horrendous terrorist attacks on Belgium and the UK on high alert it might surprise you to learn (if you're not a cynical so-and-so like me) that our Prime Minister is on holiday in Lanzarote. So hey, if we all die at least he'll be spared.

These two petitions are hilarious - they're asking that he banned from re-entering the UK. Sign here and here

On a more serious note, 14 year old Christine Mustapha has shown she has more maturity and respect than our chancellor by asking that he apologise for his laughing at the disabled and checking Michael Gove's phone in the House last week. Disgraceful behaviour that should bot go unpunished.

Lots of anger at Osborne actually, with many petitions demanding his resignation. Sign here, here, here and here

IDS resigning was probably the best news to come from the Tory party since Thatcher's death, but we need to remember that resignation is not justice - IDS has blood on his hands

This petition calls for Labour to table a vote of no confidence in the Tory government, a sentiment shared by Disabled UK in the light of their horrendous abhorrent policies against the weak and vulnerable with this petition here

And why should we have confidence when MP's are repeatedly shown to be fast asleep whilst 'at work' ? Sign here to get these dozing MP's fined

This asks that the reassessment of young people with lifelong disabilities from DLA to PIP be stopped

A petition calling for three hours feminist education to be introduced to the school curriculum annually. Sign here

Whilst this petition demands that a teacher who used the N word to a black pupil be dismissed.

This calls for the protection of disabled people at work

Save Short Break Services at Autism Together - sign here

Save Manchester's Brian Hore Unit, Alcohol and Mental Health service, from being closed - sign here

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