Thursday, 17 March 2016

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Naturally, today's post is focusing on the atrocities this government has announced just this past fortnight - namely the cuts to disabled benefit and the privatisation of our education system. We need to fight, we need to stop these things from happening!

Sign here to stop the privatisation, along with this one here. Whilst this petition requests Nicky Morgan works a week as a teaching assistant in a comprehensive.

This petition calls for Cameron to reverse the cuts made to the most disadvantaged in our society, namely the disabled. Whilst this one requests that Cameron and IDS are removed from their positions as patrons of motability on the grounds of it now being sheer hypocrisy to allow them to continue. 

Sign here to demand IDS's suspension from the cabinet on the grounds of psychological impairment - because if he isn't wilfully lying then he really must be deluded! Whilst signing here asks that George Osborne be reclassified as a 'non human entity with no soul'.

This petition calls for fewer cuts and a more concise explanation as to the state we are in in terms of debt. Lastly, this petition requests that the Labour Party form a combined and united national response to these austerity measures, allowing Labour councils and trade unions to actively oppose the cuts.

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