Sunday, 13 March 2016

Chronic Humourlessness Disorder Awareness Day

Poor Jeremy Hardy.

To claim that the left wing, politically correct stand up comedian is insensitive to mental health is an utterly ridiculous, spurious attack simply made to push the anti-Corbyn agenda. 

At a a JC4PM (Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister) event in Edinburgh, Hardy made a comedic reference to the Trident supporting quarters of Labour;

"I would have thought you could hazard a guess that if someone supports nuclear weapons, if your view of existence is so bleak you're prepared to help with the extermination of the entire northern hemisphere, that kind of suggests depression, don't you?"

Dyed-in-the-wool New Labourites out of favour with the return to the more socialist, humanitarian agenda Corbyn has brought about immediately leapt on the offended offensive by claiming the remark was a slight against Kevan Jones, who resigned in January as a Labour Defence spokesman because he felt his pro-Trident views no longer suited the direction the party was taking. Mr Jones is on record as having suffered from depression.

Minister for Health, Luciana Berger immediately retorted;

"We must not tolerate comments like those used by Hardy which only serve to reinforce the gap in understanding and undermine the good workbeing done to tackle the taboo that still surrounds mental health"

I'm sorry? This wasn't a Frankie Boyle gig! Are you sure you watched/heard about the same gag that I did?

John Woodcock of the backbench committee attempted to mask his comments with an air of concern for his leader, advising him to disassociate himself from an event which actually already has no endorsement whatsover from Labour or Corbyn;

"It's really sad that a man who makes a big show of claiming to be left-wing and morally superior over all the people he denounces thinks it's fine to make a joke about a particular individual's mental health condition in the name of wanting to make Jeremy Corbyn PM"

I'm sorry, again, but was this a Stewart Lee gig? Clearly neither MP who professes to be offended are familiar with such comics, or the film Dr Strangelove or the TV series Whoops Apocalypse, all of which would make far more damning comments than what Hardy did here. 

Hardy replied to these affronted remarks with the title of this blog post, claiming that today was clearly 'Chronic Humourless Disorder Awareness Day' but in reality, the real reason for their offence was not a lack of a sense of humour, it was more politically cunning than that.

Firstly, I'm a sufferer of long term clinical depression and have been diagnosed as such for well over ten years now. I rely on daily medication to combat the condition and have had many counselling sessions since diagnosis. I am in no way offended by Hardy's comment nor do I think it has undermined any understanding of what is a very real problem that I and millions of others have to deal with on a day to day basis. 

I am also a supporter and member of CND and would not like to see the world destroyed in a nuclear war. Anyone who would push the button to obliterate humanity is either unhinged, arrogant or yes, depressed. He or she is clearly very dangerous either way. 

We would agree that those responsible for massacres such as Dunblane, Hungerford, Columbine etc were mentally ill yes? With some cases, forensic psychological investigation subsequently revealed that many murderers on such scale had depression in their make-up.

Perhaps being in the position of a mentally ill CND member means I can see this stupid something-out-of-nothing 'outrage' for what it really is; a cheap, low blow attempt to undermine Jeremy Corbyn from a gaggle of of MPs who still cannot accept that their way of thinking is not what the electorate wish to have as their representation. These bunch of sore losers are still so irked that the public spoke and they spoke for Corbyn, that they are so determined to usurp him that they do not care that they are destroying their party in the process for their own selfish desire to hang on to their tiny bit of power. These MP's belong in the several pockets of support for Labour MP Dan Jarvis, and have such a monumental hard on for him to stage a coup against Jeremy Corbyn that they'll try anything to sully Corbyn and his supporters. 

Jarvis would have made a good Labour leader, granted. But guess what? He had his chance and he neglected to take it. Stirring up trouble behind the scenes, backstabbing and making these pathetic 'disgusted of Tunbridge Wells' style complaints about a harmless and quite honest remark from a Corbyn supporting comedian suggests to me that these MPs do not know when to quit. Ironically, these are the same MPs who are quick to point out that the SNP had their chance and they blew it with the 'once in a lifetime' referendum. How hypocritical! So, the SNP had their chance, game over. But let's give Jarvis and all the New Labour cronies a second chance, yeah? Because you didn't like the last result. Boo hoo. These same MP's also claim Hardy has 'sour grapes' against the party because, like that other long term committed, Labour campaigning left wing socialist Mark Steel, the Labour office decided to remove their democratic right to vote in the leadership election because they knew they were going to vote for Corbyn and they didn't want Corbyn getting in. These people have been Labour for far longer than any of this Blairite yuppies complaining today. I am still staggered that this crime, this desire to fix the vote in favour of anyone but Corbyn has literally been accepted. I was so glad it didn't work and backfired, but it's clear that the anti-Corbyn stance hasn't gone away when this kind of stunt rears its stupid head.

To keep on causing unrest backstage rather than fully supporting your leader is damaging the party you claim to want to defend. You're giving the Tories and the press the ammo to claim Labour is in disarray, because you're causing this disarray to keep yourself in power, all at a time when the real disarray is clearly in the Tory party over the EU question.  So please, stop being so bloody selfish and sit back and let them implode, and show a bit of faith and respect for the man elected by the people as your leader - or quite simply, grow a pair, and leave the party. I did when I found myself no longer agreeing with New Labour - so why can't you?


  1. Sounds like something straight out of the Better Together playbook: dredge up any remotely contentious comment made by anyone connected to the independence movement (or in this case the Corbyn movement), no matter how distantly, extrapolate it as proof that the entire movement is populated with deranged nutters, then demand that Salmond (or in this case Corbyn) take personal responsibility and publicly apologise. It's depressingly tawdry stuff - but par for the course, I think, for a group that's been used to having its own way for far too long and can't come to terms with the fact that the ground is shifting under its feet.

    1. Absolutely. Its clear from these media savvy Blairites that their attack plan at the Scottish referendum worked so brilliantly that it's now a one size fits all approach to anything they believe they can complain about to make them sound like they're in the right and on the side of the angels whilst everyone else is so horribly misguided and unfair. The worst of it is that so much of the media swallows it, happy to toe the party line because its in their best interests to discredit what they say too

    2. The thing about it is that, from a certain point of view, "Project Fear" during the independence referendum didn't work brilliantly for them at all - quite the opposite, in fact, when you consider that support for independence was being recorded at sub-30% before the campaigning started. And look at the fate of the unionist parties in Scotland since then - all but wiped out in the 2015 election, and only clinging on to seats in Holyrood because of its system of proportional representation. These sort of scorched earth policies might work in the short term, but in the long term? Same deal with the EU referendum, and the "In" side don't have the luxury of starting out with a 30-point lead to squander in the way Better Together did.

    3. Very true mate. They may have won the battle and kept Scotland as part of the UK, but they certainly didn't win the war because you lot regrouped and how! But yes, it really is a scorched earth policy and indicative of the 'only the present matters' attitude