Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Better In Than Out

Before you say it, I know. We're all a bit sick of hearing about the EU referendum already, and there's only been a week or so of campaigning - there's still 4 months yet!

But as we're buffeted from the scare mongering of 'no jacket required' Cameron and the lies and hypocrisy of Boris and the rest of the Brexit crew - to say nothing of that stupid Chamber of Commerce big nob(head) who forgot that your personal views are verboten in that line of work (something he probably reprimanded many Chamber desk jockeys about over the years, before conveniently forgetting himself) or The Scum's scurrilous and stupid attempt to claim that Her Majesty (that renowned German, part of a European wide dynasty) was all for leaving the EU - I thought I'd make it clear where I personally stood.

Do you want laws being governed by the EU? Laws like,.. 

  • The 48 hour working week and overtime
  • Proper rest breaks and limits on night working
  • Maternity pay and parental leave
  • Statutory holidays 
  • Rights for women not to be dismissed because they're pregnant
  • Workplace equality
  • Disability rights
  • Environmental protection
  • Human rights
  • A protected pound

I do. And to have these laws and rights - along with many many others, honestly that lot is just the tip of the iceberg - then we have to stay in the EU. 

If we leave the EU, we have no buffer from the harsh Tory rule whose aim is to feather their own nests and keep getting richer and to hell with anyone and everyone else.

Watch this video for more reasons to vote to keep us 'in' 

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