Monday, 15 February 2016

Out On Blue Six : Viola Beach, RIP

It's been a desperately sad weekend following the news of the tragic deaths of Warrington band Viola Beach - Jack Dakin, Kris Leonard, Tomas Lowe and River Reeves - and their manager Craig Tarry, following a freak road accident in Stockholm, Sweden. Their beautiful promise will now never bear fruit.

RIP lads.

Please help pay tribute to them and get them the critical and commercial acclaim they deserved and would no doubt go on to achieve by downloading the above track here - let's see of we can't get them to number one  

End Transmission


  1. This really is terribly tragic. Four young lads and their manager, pursuing their dream with everything ahead of them, in music and in life - gone in an instant. Shockingly sad.

    1. Indeed. Warrington's in utter mourning for them