Saturday, 27 February 2016

Hardie by Rankin

Actress Kate Hardie turned muse cover girl by then husband Rankin.


  1. Mark, do you have any access to some of Kate's more obscure films ? I'm really struggling to complete my blog post on Kate because so many of her films aren't on DVD and I note you don't live too far away.

    1. Alas no, but it's funny you should say that as I've been looking around today for a good copy of Runners. I see some bootleggers are selling it, like

      All my Hardie material is readily available either on commercial DVD or on YouTube (Safe, for example - which is still on YT I think, if not let me know and I'll upload it!) I just wish I'd've kept some of the now obscure stuff like Yellowthread Street when cable was repeating it every other week back in the 90s.

      Ooh didn't realise we were neighbours mate!

  2. I think it is still there but I only cover cinematic releases. Nevertheless thanks for the offer.