Tuesday, 9 February 2016

28 Years Ago Tonight - Helen's Law : A Petition To Sign

I'm sure I've shared this petition before, but I want to share it again today of all days.

Twenty-eight years ago this very evening, Helen McCourt, a beautiful twenty-two year old woman from my hometown of St Helens, was murdered by Ian Simms.

Despite his conviction, Simms has never revealed the whereabouts of Helen's body, meaning Helen's mother, Marie, has never had the opportunity for closure, or the chance to bury her daughter.

And despite this cruelty, Simms has been approved by the Parole Board to be moved to open prison within twenty-eight days - ignoring the requests from Marie and the - so far - 324,366 signatures upon the petition

Helen's Law is a campaign that asks killers should not be released from prison until they reveal the whereabouts of their victim or victims. Preventing the burial of a corpse, disposing of a corpse and obstructing a coroner in their duties are all common law offences. Helen's Law asks that these be made criminal offences.

I for one believe rehabilitation cannot occur if the criminal remains unrepentant of their crimes. In depriving Marie McCourt of the opportunity to say goodbye to the daughter she lost twenty-eight years ago today, Ian Simms is wholly unrepentant and so deserves none of the privileges the Parole Board are - bizarrely - recommending.

Please, please, please sign the petition and let's make Helen's law the law.

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