Sunday, 31 January 2016

Theme Time : Holiday - Various Artists

Long before those channels found in the high hundreds on your cable or satellite's TV guide came into life, if you wanted to see a bit of the world from the comfort of your armchair and considered booking yourself a holiday, there was only one place to go; BBC1's Holiday programme.

Like the recently blogged about Tomorrow's World, Holiday was a pinnacle of what the BBC would call magazine programming, something they don't really do any more. Starting in 1969 it ran until 2007 and became the world's longest running travel review show. Like that other behemoth of BBC magazine programming Film... (which is still running to this day as Film 2016) Holiday began life as Holiday 69 and the title would change each year accordingly until the programme ultimately dispensed with that title style. It was fronted by Cliff Michelmore from 1969 until 1986 and over the years it featured a range of hosts and travel guides including Jill Dando, Frank Bough, Des Lynam, Anneka Rice, Ginny Buckley, Carol Smilie and Craig Doyle. 

Holiday enjoyed several themes tunes in its 38 year history. The first theme tune was The Castle by Love

In the mid-70s this was replaced by Hugo Montenegro's arrangement of Lalo Schifrin's theme from the 1968 film The Fox, and by Jean Michel Jarre's Equinoxe Part 1

Most famously in 1978 the programme selected Gordon Giltrap's tune Heartsong, which remained as its theme until 1985 and is fondly remembered 

In 1985, the programme chose a specially commissioned piece by EastEnders and Howards Way composer Simon May entitled The Holiday Suite but this proved unpopular and was removed shortly after for a return of Giltrap's Heartsong

Until finally in 1988 Holiday turned to Paul Hardcastle of 19 fame for his piece entitled Voyager, a great theme which remained as the show's theme throughout the '90s and until the show's final episode in 2007.

And if that hasn't shook you out of these winter blues and had you thinking of sun sea and sand then I don't know what else will.

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