Friday, 8 January 2016

Out On Blue Six : The Specials

It was the Top of The Pops Story of 1981 tonight on BBC4, the now annual precursor for the repeats from the archives that lie ahead over the next twelve months, with this year being the turn of the show's output from 1981. Quite rightly the programme cited The Specials hit Ghost Town as the most pivotal, most important single of 1981.

Jerry Dammers captured the moment like no other as Britain burned thanks to the injustices of the Thatcher government and the rampantly fascistic leanings of its police force. It truly is the sound of 1981.

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  1. I've said elsewhere that my Golden Age in music ended when Green Door replaced this at number one.

    1. My jaw hit the floor when they said that in the show. Forget Ultravox being kept off by Joe Dolce, that really was the most wtf crime of the charts! Actually watching these old editions of TOTP, it's weird to see how much plastic bequiffed rock music was still popular in the early 80s what with the stultifying Matchbox, Shaky himself and even Showaddywaddy still doing the rounds. Just shows you how the grey pound worked even then - all the ageing teds still buying singles!

  2. Shaky was very popular with pre-teen kids as well- he wasn't the brightest spark in the charts and the youngsters seemed to pick up on that.