Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Out On Blue Six : Associates (and a teensy Rapid Review too)

Showing once again that he knows how to pick a good tune, this track by The Associates from their 1980 album The Affectionate Punch, is the title for the latest Rebus novel by Ian Rankin.

Even Dogs In The Wild continues the Rebus story, finding him back into retirement after a brief return to the force. But when a serial killer sets his sights on Rebus' nemesis Big Ger Cafferty, Police Scotland call on their most (in)famous son to help them out once more. 

I got the book as a Christmas present and started reading it last week, finishing it tonight. It's a solid effort from Rankin which, like the last three Rebus novels, sees him slowly bring his other character DI Malcolm Fox, formerly of Complaints, into Rebus' world. I must admit to having issues with this; I read the Fox novels and found them to have little merit. I can see why Rankin has therefore sought to merge his worlds together, but I do find it is to the detriment of Rebus' sidekick Siobhan Clarke, who really should be moving centre stage now.

Still, time with Rebus is always time well spent and - though he's doing less drinking these days and seems to have packed in the long dark nights staying awake watching over his city listening to the Stones and John Martyn - this latest novel gives him some nice moments. It also gives him a dog too, to keep him company and active in retirement!

Rankin makes sure the Associates track features in the story and its lyrics prove remarkably fitting to the story overall.

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