Wednesday, 27 January 2016

"A Bunch of Migrants" - Cameron's True Colours

I like to think I'm rather cynical and don't expect anything from the government that unfortunately run my country, but even my jaw dropped this afternoon watching the PMQ feed in which David Cameron (the cunt) lambasted Jeremy Corbyn for visiting Calais and meeting with "a bunch of migrants"

This kind of comment I expect from Farage and UKIP - but seriously, our PM?

Firstly, Cameron, they're refugees fleeing their country. Secondly they're far more than a "bunch" - not a "swarm", may I remind you - but a number representative of the very real crisis that is occurring on the global stage - a crisis you claimed was so important when seeking the agreement to bomb Syria before Christmas, so why trivialise it now? And thirdly, to say something so flippantly offensive on Holocaust Memorial Day just about sums up your blatant, shameful ignorance and callous disregard for the suffering of others.

I've watched the news since with interest and at first, little was said about it at all. The BBC - a left wing bastion, as many right wingers would have you believe, but frankly the most collaborative impartial broadcaster since Orwell's 1984 - preferred to focus on the cut and thrust of the debate regarding Google's ridiculous 3% tax deal; Corbyn and the European Parliament think it nowhere near enough, but the BBC preferred to ignore the objections of the European Parliament and spin the story as another example of Corbyn struggling to take the PM to task, whilst Cameron defended his deal and verbally beat the Labour leader. The comment was just part of a very brisk news package - shown, but not commented upon.

When the BBC touched upon the slur in this evening's news, their political correspondent suggested that the Tories have defended their leader's comment arguing that this was just the kind of language he used when his dander is up in the House. Oh, so that's OK then is it? If he turned around and directed a racially offensive comment at Diane Abbot or Chuka Ummuna during such a debate, we're supposed to forgive him because he's just 'pumped up'?

Cameron's comment came in a rant that suggested Corbyn would never stand up for the British people. Tell me, Dave, exactly how is proposing to slash £30 of benefit from the very poorest and sickest of our nation is an example of you standing up for them? 

Now more than ever is it clear that Cameron and his cronies do not give two hoots about anyone other than themselves. The whole world can go to hell in a handcart and he would barely bat an eye - after all, this is a man whose wife, appearing on The Great British Bake Off tonight, freely admitted he told her he was nervous for her 'showstopper bake'. Nice to know the most important man in the UK has his full and undivided attention where it matters eh?