Thursday, 3 December 2015

Vicky & Ferne

I'm a Celebrity has been pretty grim this year what with the bullying overbearing antics of Lady C who thankfully walked from the show in last night's episode and has now the gall to threaten legal action against Tony Hadley and Duncan Bannatyne for their bullying of her?!

So thank heavens then for two girls who have solely lit up the camp and made this year's series so entertaining - the funny and feisty reality stars Ferne McCann and Vicky Pattison 

Jungle BFF's, if these two don't get the chance to become the all new, female versions of Ant and Dec when out of the jungle then there's no justice! Maybe they can relaunch Ant and Dec's old quiz show Friends Like These, with a slant on Northern and Southern contestants? I really should be a commissioning editor!


  1. Vicky has really impressed me. Seems like a genuinely good kid. Never thought I'd find myself saying that about someone from Geordie Shore (not that i've ever seen it, you understand). I've not seen all of I'm A Celebrity this year but it does seem to have been crap. I'd vote for those two to get their own show. I was disappointed to see Chris Eubank leave quite early as he always brings some entertainment value, surely?

    1. If it isn't between those two on Sunday night then I'll be very surprised, everyone else has been dull or irritating. Both are winners and yes, like you I am very surprised because I would never dream of watching Geordie Shore or TOWIE or any of those kind of shows and my heart sank when it was announced stars from those shows were entering the jungle - but how wrong could I be? Vicky is an absolute scream, so down to earth, seemingly no side to her, happy to have the experience and far more mature than any of the older contestants in there. Ferne last night endured possibly the worst trial ever and stuck it to the very end and came out smiling, that's real grit.I want to see more of these two.

      Eubank. He ruined it for himself siding with Lady C and not putting himself up for tasks. No one really wants to see you lying in your hammock all day, contributing nothing (though Keiron Dyer's still in there and, aside from whingeing about everything, that's all he seems to do) He also scored a huge own goal lying about saying Duncan when he actually said Purple and throwing Ferne under the bus, letting her take all the blame. Personally I just don't think he knows his colours - he meant pink and Duncan, but presumed that was purple, and when he realised his mistake was to proud to say. He's a bit of a prat, but there's no real harm to him, and I often wonder how much he immersed himself in such eccentricity as a means to cope with the Watson tragedy