Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Theme Time : Harvey Danger - Peep Show

After twelve years and nine excellent series, Channel 4's longest running and frankly best sitcom Peep Show comes to a close tonight.

I'm going to miss those 'El Dude Brothers' something terribly. I just hope the specials every few years - hinted at by both David Mitchell and Robert Webb as a possibility - do come off.


  1. Love 'Peep Show', though have missed it of late. Still as good? Must try and catch up (now it's finished!!).

  2. Yes it's remained consistently brilliant to the last

  3. I must admit I'm kind of hoping they DON'T go down the specials route. I think the danger of them going gradually downhill and casting a shadow over the magic of the original series would become increasingly great. Far better, IMO, to quit while they're ahead, and (hopefully) go out on a high tonight.

    1. I know what you mean, but I'm hoping that any potential specials are just as good. Bain and Armstrong wrote The Old Guys a couple of years ago for the BBC and, whilst that wasn't very successful. it did have its moments largely because it was clear it was essentially an OAP Mark and Jez. So I've some faith in their ability to write the pair at different ages in the future