Thursday, 3 December 2015


So Nicky Morgan MP has just said that Cameron shouldn't have to apologise for his 'terrorist sympathiser' comment on Question Time, arguing that Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell are, in her view, terrorist sympathisers. Why? Because there are photos of them shaking hands with Gerry Adams.

Um, OK. So what does that make Tony Blair then?

Or The Queen?

Or Nelson Mandela?

Then again, Cameron et al believed Mandela to be a terrorist who should be executed in the 1980s, so maybe that last one speaks volumes to the likes of Nicky Morgan?

Terrorists and freedom fighters are both interchangeable terms and times and allegiances change. Let's not forget that America financed and trained most of the terrorists and despots they later had to do battle with.

I'm not denying that the IRA is a terrorist organisation and that their crimes perpetrated in the name of a united Ireland are utterly horrific and inexcusable, but the blinkered, prejudiced mindset of the Tories right now and their combined desire with the media to discredit the Labour party is utterly ridiculous, dangerous and disgusting - doubly so, when one considers the global crisis we are now currently committed in and the destruction of the welfare system, the NHS etc that is occurring at home.

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