Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hi, My Name's Mark, and I'm a Terrorist Sympathiser

At least I am according to this cunt today

Yes, regardless of your politics, if you don't agree with the PM's proposed air strikes in Syria then you're a terrorist sympathiser. 

Hmm, tell that to the soldiers who have already fought in campaigns in Iraq and Afghan and are expressing concerns about just what an airstrike will achieve? They've risked life and limb fighting the Taliban, Dave - are they really terrorist sympathisers?

Of course this is just another attempt at political point scoring against his rival, Jeremy Corbyn, perpetuating the myth that Corbyn believes it was a shame that Bin Laden was assassinated by US Special Forces whilst resolutely and conveniently ignoring the second part of that statement, which was that Corbyn believed he should have faced trial for his crimes. 

Is this really the time for political point scoring? Really? The Tory party seem to think so - always happy to trivialise an issue, even when lives are at stake.

Oh well, do I care to be the recipient of such slander? Not really. To be honest, if a Tory thinks well of me, I'd be deeply worried. As Billy Bragg once sang "If you've got a blacklist I wanna be on it" And, in a week when I thought the most despicable British citizen on the planet was Lady sodding C on I'm a Celebrity, it's good to see Cameron remind us all that he is the number one twunt around here.


  1. Agree. A disgraceful comment, whatever one's opinion about how to tackle ISIS.

  2. Terrorist sympathisers of the world unite!

    ...and let's not forget that, not so very long ago, Cameron and much of his party considered Nelson Mandela to be a terrorist. I'm therefore inclined to wear the label "terrorist sympathiser", when it comes from that cock-nosed thundercunt, to be a badge of considerable honour.