Monday, 28 December 2015

A Really Random Infatuation!

Can cartoons be sexy? 

Granted there's Jessica Rabbit and there's that notion in pub talk that Wilma Flinstone was particularly hot.

Maybe there's just something about red headed cartoon creations?

But a red headed hen?

This is Professor Squawkencluck from the revamped Dangermouse. And I find her rather enchanting.

She has the red hair. She has a Scottish accent. She has a feisty, suffer no fools attitude. She's super intelligent. And, as these two piccies show, she's got back!

She's voiced by actress Shauna Macdonald, pictured below with the cartoon character. Macdonald played the ill-fated Sonia Baker in 2003's State of Play, and has appeared in episodes of Spooks, Sea of Souls and - of course - Taggart. She's also appeared in the films Filth, The Descent, Late Night Shopping and The Debt Collector.


  1. The beak and feathers would be a bit off-putting for me, but I agree about the voice.

    I can't help thinking that Shauna should have become a far bigger star than she has. She was superb in THE DESCENT as the quasi-Ripley heroine.

  2. Yes she is pretty, I quite like Jeopardy Mouse as well. Which is why my OC has had a crush on both of them at some point.

  3. Yes she is cool, my OC has had a crush on both Squawky and Jeopardy Mouse in the past.

  4. I've only just discovered the Danger Mouse reboot and I too have fallen for her charms. I love Squawkencluck's accent and the glasses and lab coat give her an astronomical "adorkable" factor.

    ...I'm just a little horrified that Penfold eats eggs (and bacon and sausage) for breakfast. WHOSE EGGS ARE THOSE, PENFOLD.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and reassuring me! It's comments like this, combined with Richard Herring claiming his pin up is Fenella from Cbeebies Furchester Hotel, that makes me feel less alone in the world!