Sunday, 29 November 2015

Women's Football or We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful

I'm currently trying to watch women's football; England playing Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Euro 2017 qualifier on BBC2 but I'm finding myself extremely irritated by the presence of one of the game's most extreme irritants - the England Supporters Band

This 'band' has made a career out of ruining games for almost twenty years now thanks to their tuneless trumpeting and incessant drum thumping. They murder every song they attempt and are as distracting and obnoxious as any vuvuzela or traditional rattle.

Seriously, does anyone like their musical intrusions?

I love women's football, I have done for years, but right now I can best sum up my feelings by quoting the Morrissey song in this blog post title. Whilst a part of me is thrilled and pleased to see the game finally get the recognition it deserves, there's also a great part of me that wishes it still belonged in the wilderness of minor interest. Because it wasn't until the immediate aftermath of this year's World Cup campaign that the women's game was discovered by these irritating parping pillocks.

PS, I believe one of St Helens famous sons, Bernie Clifton, is a member of the supporters band. What a twunt.

Sod it, petition started. Sign here

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