Sunday, 15 November 2015

Tonight's Tele Tip : Live From Television Centre

Tonight on BBC4 from 9pm, the BBC - in association with Battersea Arts Centre and the Arts Council England - will return to the iconic Television Centre for five pieces of incredible, genre busting theatre in Live From Television Centre

I've singled this programme out tonight because one of the acts is the delightful, inspiring Jess Thom aka Touretteshero whose live show Backstage in Biscuitland I have previously blogged about here. Broadcast from Biscuitland will see Jess being filmed in her makeshift dressing room as she prepares for the live finale. Having tourettes, a neurological condition which makes her say 'biscuit' 16,000 times a day and offers her an extremely unique perspective on life, Jess starts to wonder if she'll make the finale in one piece, especially in light of the comic misunderstandings she must navigate.

Shown as part of the BBC's On Stage season, Live From Television Centre's five distinctive acts will hopefully show that the stage isn't just for classic plays and visiting Hollywood stars, that it is primarily for people with a unique take on life, delivered in a manner that benefits the audiences in particular (as a paying punter to a previous Jess gig, I can certainly attest to that) In short, theatre should be for the bums on seats and tonight, you don't even need to leave your living room. That's got to be better than watching this year's especially poor line up of Z list celebrities eating kangaroo cock in the jungle, right?

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