Monday, 23 November 2015

Theme Time : Tony Hatch - Crossroads, RIP Hazel Adair

Just days after the loss of one pioneer of British television Peter Dimmock, it has been announced that another has died today; Hazel Adair, aged 95.

Adair can lay claim to the crown of queen of British soap opera, having created the very first example on ITV, Sixpenny Corner in 1955 and, alongside Peter Ling, she would go on to create the BBC soap Compact and, most famously of all, Crossroads which ran on ITV for 24 years and regularly pulled in 18 million viewers at its peak in the 1970s.

Famed for its wobbly sets, bobble hat Benny and Miss Diane, Shughie the chef disappearing for months on end when he only nipped into the kitchen for a potato peeler and that theme tune from Tony Hatch... 


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  1. Used to watch it religiously between c. 1971 and 1978 when it was on round about 5.25pm. Amy Turtle, David Hunter, Wilf Harvey, Mac the Mechanic...they are all coming back to me. Classic theme. RIP, Ms. Adair.