Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Theme Time : Oli Julian - Catastrophe

Back for a second series that is quickly proving to be just as good as the first, is Catastrophe, the Channel 4 sitcom starring show writers Sharon Horgan and Rob Delaney as a couple who get together after a brief affair when she falls pregnant.

So successful was series one which aired in January/February, that this second run was brought forward from its scheduled slot in early 2016 to now. It's really witty, fresh and sparkling stuff and the beautiful Horgan and American Delaney are tremendously engaging in their roles as they navigate the choppy waters of relationships, marriage and parenthood.

The theme tune is called Catastrophe Theme and is by Oli Julian. I really love this theme, its just as fresh as the show itself but unfortunately it's all too brief. The best link I can find to it is on soundcloud here

Catch Catastrophe, Tuesday nights on Channel 4, 10pm

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