Monday, 2 November 2015

Theme Time : Keff McCulloch - Doctor Who 1987-89

Keff McCulloch's arrangement of the Doctor Who theme for the final three years of what has now become known as 'the classic era' (ie, the era when the show originally aired from 1963 to its cancellation in 1989) divides many fans and is infamous for Delia Derbyshire going on record as disliking what he did with it, but I have always liked it myself, primarily because it is my era of Doctor Who, the time when I was a child, and an avid viewer. As such, hearing the theme immediately transports me back to the autumnal and wintry dark nights of my childhood and the playground discussions and reenactments of the episode's events the following day.

It also rather gloriously includes the middle eight section of the theme, always a favourite of mine, which I find very atmospheric. The theme is also perfectly accompanied by the then state of the art computer generated title sequence - the first used for the show - which commences with an explosion which turns into stars that surround a galaxy. A series of rocks fall into the galaxy, in rhythm with the theme, before the TARDIS appears, inside a blue sphere, rotating and disappearing inside the galaxy. Then the silvery features of the 7th Doctor than appears, solemn at first before offering the viewer a knowing wink and a smile. The redesigned logo is especially striking, in an 80s style, reminiscent of a graphic novel or comic strip title.

I love it, and though I recall Colin Baker (and even a vague, hazy memory of Peter Davison) Sylvester McCoy has been, and will always be, my Doctor and therefore one of my all time favourites.

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