Thursday, 26 November 2015

The Creeping Blairite Revival and Some Thoughts on Syria

Look at that image - sickening isn't it?

The only time I want to see Blair sans tie now is shortly after his arrest for war crimes, when a custody sergeant instructs its removal because he fears he'll use it as a makeshift noose in his cell during the long dark night of his poisonous duplicitous soul.

The joker on the left really is a joker too. It's Matt Forde, former Blair office boy, now stand up 'comedian' whose sweaty porcine fart features are currently pissing me off on Question Time as he dismisses the party he worked for, but has now left, as 'the loony left' with ineffectual aims and leadership, despite helping pressurise Osborne into a complete and utter U turn this week.

I hate this creeping revival of the Blair regime which sees media friendly whores getting a free pass at TV airtime to wax wistfully about 'the good old days' of Blair in the hope that he'll descend upon us once more like some Second Coming. 

It's actually insulting to start looking at the Blair years through rose tinted glasses when there is still so much about his dictatorship that remains unresolved and deeply contentious, specifically the fact that we still haven't got a clear verdict on his warmongering.

And war rears its ugly head on Question Time obviously, given the increasingly inevitable step towards air strikes in the vain hope that it may defeat Isil.  

It won't defeat Isil. 

It's an understandable move to do it. But it's a kneejerk reaction. Cameron himself once said that he was not someone who believed that he could "drop democracy out of an airplane at 40,000 feet" yet he's putting us on course for that right now, making the same mistakes that Blair did. And it's a dangerous course, and that's why Corbyn is arguing that there is no clear strategy. Bombing will only be a crap gesture at foreplay ahead of the inevitable call for 'boots on the ground'. Britain does not have the resources to go to war any longer. Thanks to MOD cuts that Cameron has overseen, our army is now the smallest it has been for centuries. 

It will be impossible and fatal to take this path now. You simply don't pick a fight with someone with your hands tied behind your back and that's exactly what this will be.

Worse, we'll inevitably hear that vital funding required for other areas in civilian life, such as the NHS will suffer. It's ridiculous that the NHS is now completely, critically ailing with the finger of blame being pointed at the poor economy when Cameron's government will happily spend 4 billion on the replacement for Trident. The Socialist Labour government of 1945, vowing to never agin endure anything like the war we have just come out of, set up the NHS and it did so when we were a completely bankrupt nation. So what really is Cameron's excuse?

Attlee's government made the commitment to look to our own after the shadow of war. I say that with terror looming over us, we should look to our own once more and focus more on surveillance, policing and prevention within our country.

Murdoch and the media may want a Blairite revival, but they really will be getting the very worst of it if we decide to make the same mistakes that warmonger gleefully led us into. 


  1. "The only time I want to see Blair sans tie now is shortly after his arrest for war crimes, when a custody sergeant instructs its removal because he fears he'll use it as a makeshift noose in his cell during the long dark night of his poisonous duplicitous soul."

    Perfectly worded, apart from the assumption that he has ever been in the possession of a soul.

    1. Absolutely, it was a schoolboy error of mine to think a man who lied and sent thousands off to die in a greedy oil war could ever possess a soul - despite what the Catholic church may think!

      Forde representing Blair is some hero last night on QT really pissed me off though. Of course its in the media interest; anything that can attack the left is fine by them and they'd be happy with Blair or Cameron at Number 10 because, where's the difference? The erosion of the impartiality of the BBC began with Thatcher and was sanded off beautifully by Blair.

      Ken Livingstone was made by almost everyone to appear as the loony left incarnate. I don't always agree with Ken's views, I feel he has always had a tendency to speak before he actually thinks, but the way Forde and a few others shouted him down for pointing out that the terrorists responsible for 7/7 claimed they undertook the attacks because of Blair's decision to involve us in a war was disgusting. 'So you believe the propaganda of terrorists do you?' Forde spat, shaking his sweaty jowls, not realising (or rather refusing to accept) that he himself believes the propaganda of a war criminal who instigated the violence based on a complete and utter lie.

  2. I was ten years in the NHS, and even allowing for the proclivity of Senior Management to piss money up the wall, there's no obvious explanation for the financial clusterfuck now extant. I want to see a forensic dissection of the rôle played by PFI, as I harbour strong suspicion regarding it's current impact on public spending...

    1. Totally agree mate, there's no explanation at all. And we had Forde and some Yank from the Adam Smith Institute (of fuckwits) argue the case for 'positive privatisation' which, like 'military intelligence' is a laughable contradiction in terms. Typical of Blairites though, who brought in private healthcare via the back door.