Monday, 23 November 2015

Support Your Local Bobby - Stop the Cuts

I don't know whether it's funny or just plain infuriating that David Cameron (the cunt) is now calling for a bombing campaign in Syria in the wake of the recent terrorist attack on Paris, given that in 2011 he scrapped RAF Tornadoes, Nimrod surveillance planes etc as part of his extensive defence budget cuts costing millions.

It is infuriating that a man who has 'downsized' (ie made redundant) great swathes of MOD and service personnel and scrapped so much weaponry, technology and equipment, now believes it imperative that we place so much pressure on our now beleaguered (by him) forces.

It shows a complete lack of foresight on the part of this Tory government who seem determined to implement cuts in the most needed of services now, and to worry about the problems that those cuts may bring about later.

Prevention of a terrorist attack, such as the ones in Paris, here in the UK require some dedicated and effective performances from the likes of MI5 down to your local police force. So it's baffling to me that Cameron et al are making the same mistake once again - calling for cuts to many police forces across the land whilst at the same time proclaiming they're committed to our security! Should the unthinkable happen here - and let us hope and pray that it does not - we will be caught napping because there simply isn't enough money going round to protect ourselves.

This petition specifically focuses on asking Cameron and Theresa May etc to reconsider the cuts they propose to my local constabulary, Lancashire. Please consider signing it and please seek out similar petitions for your own region's force should they be under threat. We are constantly being reassured that London is protected, that it is near impossible for an attack to occur there. If that is true, and terrorists are considering attacking the UK, then to me that points to smaller cities being targeted by them. Cities like Liverpool, Manchester etc - cities that the Tory party staggeringly believe can be sustained with a significant loss to their constabulary. 

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