Monday, 23 November 2015

Only Connect to Dave

I've been a very happy chappy this past week or so, getting a great fix of my favourite play-along quiz show Only Connect (and the chance to letch more than just once a week over its host, Victoria Coren Mitchell) thanks to the current series on BBC2 Monday nights, and repeats of the very first series on Dave in the wee small hours.

What's interesting about watching those early episodes again now is seeing how subtly different the programme and Victoria's presenting style was back then. 

Certainly I found the first few episodes really rather anonymous, and it was only until about episode four or five that Victoria began to show her personality and throw out a few of the witty asides we have now become familiar with and which we cherish.

Overall, her style then was the burgeoning style of the minxy head girl, dressed down in a baggy jacket yet intellectually flirting with the teams by setting them a series of complex questions.

Whereas the current series sees Victoria very much in the style of a glamourous and dotty aunt, teasing the teams and more often than not forcing them into sing-songs!


  1. I don't get to see this show often enough. Big fan of Victoria.

    1. I get withdrawal symptoms if I don't watch the latest ep within a day or two!