Friday, 20 November 2015

From Essex to the Jungle

I have never seen an episode of The Only Way Is Essex (or TOWIE as I believe it's affectionately known) and, to be honest, I couldn't think of anything worse than watching an episode.

But, having watched I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here this week, I must admit to seeing the show in a new light thanks to the gorgeous Ferne McCann

She's definitely my kind of girl; lovely body and a sharp striking profile with lovely big eyes, nose and teeth.

This 60s inspired photoshoot on her website puts me in mind of a young Barbra Streisand

Ferne stepped into the jungle earlier this week alongside fellow 'constructed reality' TV stars Made In Chelsea's Spencer and Geordie Shore's Vicky (nope, me neither) Spencer has surprisingly left already due to 'medical grounds' leaving gorgeous Ferne and the hilarious and charming Vicky

These winter nights have just warmed up!


  1. Haha! At least there's something going on in the jungle now! Mind you, Lady Colin is good for a few laughs. I've only seen one episode this year (honest).

    1. Lady C's become a right pain in the arse, riling up everyone in camp, complaining and taking everything personally. The worst is when she announced that she knew she would be put up for trials because she was 'roped in as entertainment for the oiks' and that she didn't want to to do the show for that very reason. Sorry luv, but no one put a gun to your head and the reason you roped yourself in is pure and simple; you need the money!

    2. Yes, I saw that bit: made me laugh - 'Now she's really for it!' She knew exactly what she was doing when she signed up. Hope she's doing all the worst trials now.

    3. Just watching tonight's now...if I was in there, I'd be up for murder now. She's a cowbag