Saturday, 24 October 2015

Theme Time : Tom Scott - Starsky & Hutch

OK, let's forget how dumb Starsky & Hutch was. It doesn't matter that they were supposed to be undercover cops yet drove around in the most easily identifiable car ('the striped tomato'; a bright red two door Ford Gran Torino with a large white vector stripe on both sides) in Bay City, California. Let's just remember how cool the show was.

The car was cool.

The clothes were cool.

The characters were cool.

The theme tune, 'Gotcha', by Tom Scott was cool.

Yup, Starksy and Hutch was one cool show.


  1. Hehe, I love your comment about the car. I kept saying the same thing while we were watching it.

    The A Team must've gone to the same school of disguise.

    1. Its the ultimate in style over content; something which dogged a lot of American tele/Hollywood movies. Let's ignore realism, and go for what's cool! hehe