Thursday, 22 October 2015

Theme Time : Richard O'Sullivan - Robin's Nest

Feeling peckish? Then its over to Robin's Nest now for today's Theme Time.

This successful spin off from Man About The House (which had already garnered a notable spin off in George and Mildred) saw central character Robin Tripp (Richard O'Sullivan) running a bistro with his girlfriend Vicky (Tessa Wyatt) and her disapproving father (Tony Britton) with David Kelly as the one-armed Irish washer-up, Albert. The show ran for four years from 1977 to 1981.

Just like it's predecessor, Man About The House which featured two girls and a boy (Robin) sharing a flat - taboo at the time, Robin's Nest can also be considered groundbreaking for morality in TV sitcomland; writers Brian Cooke and Johnnie Mortimer had to get special dispensation from the independent governing body of UK TV at the time to depict Robin and Vicky as an unmarried couple living together, or 'living in sin' as it was then prudishly known. And like Man About The House, which was remade in America as Three's Company, the show also got an American remake as Three's A Crowd, but it was a flop. But the idea hasn't died, and as recent as 2004, Polish TV have made their own version of Robin's Nest entitled Dziupla Cezara!

The theme tune is a stone cold classic; written by O'Sullivan himself, it was arranged and performed by an old friend and co-star from the likes of The Young Ones, Brian Bennett of Cliff Richard's backing band The Shadows.

This following is a very good cover from Denim


  1. I loved MATH and R'sN wasn't bad at all. The theme tune is near perfect. Written by Richard O'Sullivan? I never knew. I always wanted Robin to get together with Chrissie, if she wouldn't have me, that is.

  2. Richard O'Sullivan was an engaging child actor (DANGEROUS EXILE, SPARE THE ROD, CARRY ON TEACHER etc), it seems a shame his adult career was mainly in sitcoms. He seems to have been living in a retirement home for some years due to ill health.

    1. Yes a stroke has laid him low for some time now alas. He did however provide a commentary for Carry On Teacher in the mid 00s and from the photos looked reassuringly well.

  3. Ah a wise man - like you I was a Chrissie man. I'm currently watching Paula in both series of The Lovers opposite Richard Beckinsale, she really was something.