Friday, 2 October 2015

Theme Time : Julee Cruise/Angelo Badalamenti - Twin Peaks

With a lot of my Theme Time posts I like to discuss the programme the theme is from, and generally gush over it.

I can't do that with Twin Peaks. I've watched some of it, but I've never fallen for it. Me and David Lynch just don't really get along (The Elephant Man and The Straight Story being the exceptions that prove the rule) I can appreciate it's great television and I like it's quirkiness but it just doesn't draw me in like a lot of TV.

I did however fall for the theme tune, known as Falling and released in 1989 by dream pop singer Julee Cruise. The music was by Angelo Badalamenti and the lyrics were by Lynch himself.

Fan of the show or not, you have to agree it's a damn fine theme tune!

Created by Lynch and Mark Foster, Twin Peaks ran for two seasons consisting of 30 episodes in total from 1990 to 1991. A spin off feature film Fire Walk With Me, serving as both a prequel and sequel to the series, was released in 1992. A superb example of 'water cooler television', the series gripped the world with its central mystery of just who killed the homecoming queen Laura Palmer, a case investigated by FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper played by Kyle MacLachlan. A third series is currently in production.

One of many curious quirky characters that populate the fictional town of Twin Peaks was The Log Lady played by Catherine E Coulson, a woman who talked to her log and took to carrying it around with her at all times like a pet or a baby. Sadly Catherine E Coulson passed away from cancer this week. She seemed a genuinely nice person who always had time to discuss her most famous role, as witnessed in her taking part in the 50th anniversary celebrations of BBC2 last year.


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