Sunday, 11 October 2015

RIP Derek Ware

Veteran stuntman and actor Derek Ware has passed away aged 77.

Ware's career ran from the 1950s right through to the 1990s. He was most famous as the fight arranger and stuntman on the early series of Doctor Who, appearing in the very first story in 1963. His association with the show culminated in him forming his own professional stunt performers group to handle all of the show's stunts. Entitled HAVOC, they provided all the exciting action set pieces of the early '70s, during the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee's exile to earth and his attachment to UNIT. Unfortunately costs and union rules saw HAVOC's links to the series come to a close in 1973 and Ware would never work for the show again.

Nevertheless, he continued providing stunts for a variety of programmes ranging from Z Cars and Colditz, to Last of the Summer Wine and Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em; the latter of which he performed a memorable stunt alongside the show's star Michael Crawford, hanging from a window cleaning platform on the side of one of the capital's skyscrapers. Unfortunately, the stunt went wrong when the cradle became stuck, leaving both Ware and Crawford temporarily stranded some 300 feet above ground.

Ware's film work included Krull, Willow, Robin Hodd: Prince of Thieves and most famously, in the Michael Caine film The Italian Job in which he played the role of Rozzer (pictured on the left in the photo above)


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