Friday, 23 October 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

SOS : Save Our Steel Industry

Hold the Chinese president to account over his despicable, poor record on human rights: Release this 16 yr old boy from house arrest

Stop Racism #Youwillbenext

In the middle of extreme hardship and austerity, IDS and Ros Altmann shell out 8.5 million pounds on their campaign featuring 'Workie' How is this right?

Osborne: Explain the  Tax Credit Cuts

Blair: War criminal - time to take him to account. Sign here and here

End Legal Highs

Stop criminalising Liverpool's homeless - STOP PSPO

Stop the Bedroom Tax

Give Homeless People a Home - this last one I have been banging on about for years. There's an abundance of abandoned, derelict houses in this country going to waste. The BBC programme DIY SOS brought this inconvenient truth into the public consciousness last week in a series of programmes that saw them turn a boarded up street back into hospitable living conditions for ex servicemen and women. And yet not once has anyone said why aren't the government paying for this, or why are people homeless in this country if so many houses are going spare? Please sign this petition but also please leave a comment distancing yourself from the petition starter's view that these homes should only be given over to our homeless population and not any Syrian refugees. That kind of xenophobic comment I cannot agree with - there is enough for all in this allegedly 'full up' island if we only force the government into action.


  1. Good on you for posting these petition links - The Struggle Continues...

    1. We have to stand up and be counted