Wednesday, 9 September 2015

World of Leather

It's the 30th anniversary of Children's BBC's in-vision presenting today. That means thirty years of 'The Broom Cupboard' and the CBBC Channel is currently showing a special programme with interviews from several former Broom Cupboard presenters including Philip Schofield, Andy Crane, Andi Peters, Kirsten O'Brien, Simon Parkin, Toby Anstis and Zoe Ball. Sadly there is one omission; the divine Philippa Forrester  could not make the show, but she did phone in to speak with former colleague Anstis. Anyway, the anniversary gives me the perfect excuse to post these piccies

As well as these less saucy but still very lovely CBBC photos


  1. What's she doing now? I'd forgotten about her but now you mention it...

    1. She packed it in to bring up the kids and farm. She said on the phonecall (way too brief) that she was 'doing harvest' and 'in the apple orchard collecting apples' Now, I'm not sure if she means harvest itself, or Harvest the TV show she did a couple of years back about harvesting.