Saturday, 19 September 2015

Sharon Rooney : Onwards and Upwards

Mountain Goats BBC Scotland's weak, old fashioned comedy limped to a close last night with the continuity announcer revealing that the DVD of the first series is now available to buy, rather than announcing plans for a second series.

To be honest, I'd be very surprised if this sitcom gained a second run. It's true it was, in the guise of Miller's Mountain, the best instalment in the Beeb's revival of the Comedy Playhouse last year (a series devoted to airing pilots of new sitcoms with a view to picking one up for a full series. Back in the 60s Comedy Playhouse gave us Steptoe and Son and Til Death Us Do Part; needless to say no sitcom greats were in the offing this time around) but that really wasn't saying much. It wasn't wholly dreadful - you could occasionally raise a brief smile or a tiny chuckle across the six episode run and it had a likeable cast who gave it their all - but it was a very corny 1970s style comedy with gags you imagine the scriptwriter pinched from old Our Wullie annuals.

Spare a thought then for Sharon Rooney, the talented star of Channel 4's hit My Mad Fat Diary, who had the role of Jules the barmaid. She really deserves better than this hoary old comedy and I hope she gets it soon. She's a a very natural performer with good comic ability as well as an instinct for pathos and represents something other than the stick thin imagery a lot of television provides as role models for young women. As I say she's more known for playing the troubled Rae in My Mad Fat Diary but as you can see from these photos, she certainly 'scrubs up well'; glamour doesn't have to be size 6


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