Friday, 4 September 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

We've all seen this week those heartbreaking pictures and film of the desperate Syrian refugees trying to enter Europe. The majority of us are naturally deeply concerned at this crisis and want our government to do all that they can to help these people and many petitions have been started to ensure these feelings are heard where it counts. There are however those who have started petitions with the opposite aim, demanding that we take in no more 'migrants'. Let the humanitarian voice be heard loudest, it's vital that we stand region by region to say enough is enough. Sign the following - just some of the many petitions demanding action on Change

Manchester City Council take your share

Welsh Govt, use emergency powers to house 100,000 in unused holiday homes

Gloucester Council, open villages to refugees

Wrexham Council, take at least 10

Stroud welcomes refugees

Accept Syrian refugees

Reinstate HMS Bulwark and other rescue ships in the Med

The word is Refugee NOT Migrant, Daily Mail

^Ditto the BBC

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