Monday, 21 September 2015

Fighting Back : Petitions to Sign

Younger readers might not be familiar with the proposed military coup against Harold Wilson's government in the early 1970s. You can read about it here or watch the BBC docudrama The Plot Against Harold Wilson (on YouTube) or the Ken Loach film Hidden Agenda for further details. 

But readers need to be aware that a similar threat is beginning to arise now regarding Jeremy Corbyn's potential occupancy of Number 10 come 2020. A senior figure in the British army, holding the rank of general, has been alleged to have discussed a 'mutiny' against a Corbyn led government. This is a direct interference in the democratic process from the armed wing of the establishment, undermining any belief that our armed forces are neutral. In short, this general is recommending action often seen in banana republics.

Clearly, Corbyn is considered a threat to the natural order that the privileged upper class rely upon to keep their hides safe and comfy. 

Several petitions have cropped up demanding an enquiry into this anonymous general's plans and calling for his dismissal. The political party Left Unity is chief among them with this campaign. But you can also sign Here and Here

It really is A Very British Coup!

Now, did someone say pig?

Yes, now we know why Ed Miliband struggled so with that bacon butty - he knew what had been put in that pig all along!

Of course, it's probably all a nonsense (although, I'd put nothing past those Oxford oiks, especially having seen The Riot Club haha) but don't you just love it when mud sticks? Once again the petitions are coming fast and furious and very, very funny

This one asks for Corbyn to question Cameron on his bestial habits!

Whilst this demands an apology from Cameron for having intercourse with a pig cadaver  

This simply asks Corbyn to ensure 'The Swine Minister David Hameron stops fucking livestock'

This one asks for Channel 4 to repeat the very first episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror; which of course featured a fictional PM being forced to fuck a pig live on national television - oh how very prescient!

And lastly, this calls for the BBC to refer to Cameron at all times as 'The pig fucking Prime Minister'

Back to more serious matters; Help Robbie Clark, a 97 year old veteran facing eviction and living on handouts. Read his story, sign this petition

And let's keep school dinners free! Sign here

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