Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Corbyn: A Very British Coup?

Oh, he's not employing enough women (when he clearly has)

Oh, he's said some stuff about Ireland in the past

Oh, he's voted so often against his own party (yeah, and so did Nye Bevan, Stafford Cripps and Michael foot)

Oh, he's not singing the National Anthem at the anniversary service for the Battle of Britain 

As predicted, the media (and the Whitehall mandarins who pull their strings) are getting their knickers in a twist and their knives out for Jeremy Corbyn.

As predicted, it's all very similar to the kind of shenanigans doled out for Harry Perkins, the fictional newly elected socialist PM in Chris Mullin's excellent and now prophetic novel, A Very British Coup 

Jeremy Corbyn?

Harry Perkins?


  1. It's expected, and then some.

    I think Corbyn, and the people he can trust know this and although new to the position he/they're in, they will endure and prevail.

    He's got a few decent attack dogs on his side and given Tom Watson's history with the Murdoch press, I think they might have a little ammunition of their own.

    30,000 people have become full members of the Labour party in the three days since he was elected leader, makes me think of the Doors lyrics "They got the guns, while we got the numbers".

    If his own party doesn't betray him (which would be an incredibly foolish move for a while to come) then I have a lot of faith that his practice of honesty over spin and policy before personality could well broaden his appeal among the wider electorate, beyond that of the young and the left.

    Rambling a bit here, as you were.

    Cheers :)

    1. Here's hoping mate, and yes I'm one of those 30,000. Not since my teenage years and the late John Smith have I felt Labour is speaking so relevantly to me.