Monday, 7 September 2015

Bumday - She Put The Rear In Rear Window!

Today's bumday is a GIF of the actual rear from Hitch's Rear Window

And here's the rest of that happy dance

The dancer in question, aka 'Miss Torso' in the film, was played by Georgine Darcy

Darcy's story is an interesting one; born in Brooklyn, as a teenager her mother urged her to become a stripper to earn a fast buck (some parenting skills there, eh?) Like many teens Darcy didn't do what her parents asked of her and instead studied dancing with the New York City Ballet and did a spot of modelling on the side. 

In 1954, it was a modelling shoot that alerted her to Alfred Hitchcock and the famed director - who Darcy freely admitted to never having heard of! - cast her as Miss Torso, one of James Stewart's neighbours in his latest thriller Rear Window. Darcy didn't consider herself to be an actress but she knew she could dance and get the best out of the 21 inch waisted pink shorts costume designer Edith Head made for her. 

Hitchcock encouraged her throughout filming and asked her what kind of pie she disliked. When she answered pumpkin pie, the director produced one, with crude cockney jokes, to film her adverse reaction which he would then slot into the scene in which her character finds a strangled dog. 

At the close of filming, he presented her with a cake made to resemble her curvacious figure and advised her to travel to Europe and study acting under Checkov, stating that on her return he would make her a star. Presuming he was joking or just being kind, Darcy ignored his advice and enjoyed a sporadic acting career in the '60s which included roles in Chubby Checker's musical Don't Knock The Twist and a regular role in the sitcom Harrigan and Son.

But it's Rear Window that Darcy remains most famous for. A small role it may have been, one can only wonder what would have happened had she took up Hitch's offer - could she have been another of his ice cold blonde leading ladies?

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