Thursday, 27 August 2015

RIP Alison Parker, Adam Ward and Marcy Borders

Normally when I post RIP or obituary posts on here it's for actors who have passed or famous people on the world stage whose lives I was aware of.

I did not know or experience the work of Alison Parker and Adam Ward, two broadcast journalists with the small Virginian news channel WDBJ, but since the news broke here yeatserday evening of their slaying at the hands of embittered former colleague Bryce Williams aka Vester Lee Flanagan (who has subsequently taken his own life) live on air as Parker was being filmed by Ward interviewing local chamber of commerce director Vicki Gardner (injured in the shooting) I have felt numb and ultimately compelled to comment on this devastating violent attack upon two young people whose lives were cut cruelly short at 24 and 27 respectively. 


Also, spare a moment for another life that ended all too prematurely; Marcy Borders, the woman known as 'the dust lady' of 9/11 following the famous footage of her coated in debris in the wake of the terrorist attack, has passed away this week aged just 42 from stomach cancer.

The cancers which have spread amongst the survivors of that horrible day just goes to show that this terrorist atrocity is continuing to take innocent lives.


For Marcy, Adam and Alison, I'm lighting a candle today.

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  1. What can you say? There is much in this world that is just beyond me. RIP.