Saturday, 15 August 2015

Fighting Back : A Corbyn Special

Perhaps inevitably, the knives are out in the Labour leadership contest, with favourite Jeremy Corbyn and his supporters being attacked and discredited from all corners. 

It isn't going to get any better either, unless we - the electorate and Labour supporters - make a stand and say; enough.

That's where these petitions come in;

The claims that the leadership vote is being infiltrated by socialists and the Tories is getting tired now. I paid my £3 because I believe I have a democratic right to my say and I believe Jeremy Corbyn is the future, as opposed to the Blairites who have been around for two failed elections in recent memory. The in-fighting, the calls to halt the leadership election and the lies being spread about supporters is destroying Labour's credibility. Sign here to express your disapproval and get this stopped.

The comedian, campaigner and left wing activist Mark Steel has been denied a vote in the leadership election. Why? How is this democracy? This is clearly an attempt to fix the result, and keep as many Corbyn supporters away from the vote as possible and it stinks. Sign here to get the NEC to reinstate his full voting rights and put an end to the right wing Blairite's ruining the party from within.

The Guardian has come out in support of Yvette Cooper. This decision has led to many readers of that paper, myself included, feeling a little betrayed and unrepresented by the editorial team. Sign here to get them to reconsider.

Simon Danczuk has said he and his likeminded colleagues will conspire to remove Corbyn from the head of the party if he is elected. This is an outrageous and blatant disregard for the voters will. It reminds me of the plot of Chris Mullin's A Very British Coup actually, and that's a concern! Clearly, Mr Danczuk et al are scared stiff of losing their comfortable positions of power as MP's in Corbyn's vision of a Labour Party. Again, how is this an example of them working for us? If we speak, they must listen and act. To say they would do otherwise is like a mutiny. Sign here


  1. Yes!

    The Blairite reaction has been fucking disgusting. Shower of careerist, Murdoch stooge fuckers!

    1. Hasn't it just? It has only helped further prove to me that the party has foe the last 20 years been a bunch of self serving cunts like all the rest