Friday, 31 July 2015

Theme Time : Tony Christie - The Protectors

Ah, The Protectors. Gerry Anderson's live action adventure serial from 1972 starred Robert Vaughn, Nyree Dawn Porter and Tony Anholt as a trio of affluent international troubleshooters based in London, Italy and Paris respectively.

It was shite!

But what a theme tune!

Written and produced by Mitch Murray and Pete Callander, and sung by the golden throat of Yorkshireman Tony Christie, Avenues and Alleyways is stonkingly good song/theme tune that staggeringly only reached number 37 in the charts in Feb 1973. Perhaps it was the association with the rather dull The Protectors that was the problem? If ever a theme tune deserved a better programme it was this one; the lyrics and overall tone of the song suggest a hard boiled, swaggering and bold crime drama rather than the rather twee international rescue (yes, pun intended) of Vaughn et al. 

Undeterred, Christie re-released Avenues and Alleyways in 2005 off the back of his success with the re-released Is This The Way To Amarillo alongside Peter Kay for Comic Relief earlier in the same year. It did marginally better, peaking at number 26 and included this wonderfully knowing video

Prior to this re-release, the song had received a new lease of life featuring prominently in Ray Burdis and Dominic Anciano's star studded improvisational comedy gangster film from 2000, Love Honour and Obey

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