Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Strange Graffiti

Graffiti always catches my eye, specifically those that I term slogan graffiti. Here in St Helens there's always an opportunity to catch some of the strangest examples of this curious kind of freedom of expression and these are just two examples;

"Read A Book Instead" Written on the side of The Counting House public house, Hardshaw Street St Helens. This was taken back in 2010 when the town centre pub was more or less my local (I worked on Hardshaw Street and would grab a pint here in my lunch hour and, ironically enough, read a book) Five years later and with the pub recently closed down for business, it's still there. I often wonder what was the originator's intentions with this - was s/he appalled by the binge drinking climate of the town and wished that people would stay at home and broaden their mind by reading a good book? If so, the person clearly hadn't considered the possibility of someone like me, reading whilst I drank!

"Duran Duran" Written on the walkway from Platform 1 to Platform 2 at St Helens Junction train station. This is a strange one, I mean if it was written in the '80s at the height of the 'wild boys' fame and popular appeal I wouldn't give it a second glance, but this was on there a couple of years ago and whoever wrote it was persistent; the station staff routinely rubbed it off only for it to appear again. As of now, the station is Duran Duran fandom free. Still, I commend someone who cuts their own swathe through today's world...even if it is listening to a bunch of posing Tory boys of yesteryear.

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