Friday, 10 July 2015

RIP Omar Sharif

Another sad passing; Omar Sharif star of such classic movies (and favourites of mine) as Lawrence of Arabia, Doctor Zhivago and The Last Valley) has died aged 83.

Arabian actor Sharif had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer's, but passed away from a heart attack today in Cairo. He shot to fame with his role in David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Returning to Lean three years later for the lead role in Doctor Zhivago, saw him win a Golden Globe. 

A keen Bridge player, controversy also dogged Sharif's limelight, in particular his issues with anger and violence. He was given a one month suspended sentence in 2003 for headbutting a policeman in a Parisian casino. Two years later he was given two years probation for assaulting a Beverley Hills valet and in 2011 he hit the headlines, for hitting a journalist. He also attacked punk star Ian Dury when the singer cheekily informed him that every film he made after Lawrence of Arabia was rubbish.

Sharif was also a big football fan. He played the game opposite legendary player Tom Finney when the latter was serving in Egypt during WWII and he supported, curiously enough, Hull City FC!


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  1. Omar must have been the last of the matinee idols. After his great 60s decade he made a lot more films of declining quality, but his celebrity endured. His CHE in 1969 would be a fascinating view now, if it ever sees the light of day again...